RMSER Board of Directors

RMSER's governance structure strengthens the organization’s leadership and accountability. Each member of the RMSER Board possesses key attributes: a passion for RMSER’s mission and vision, a commitment to invest time as an active member, an ability and desire to take a system-wide perspective and a demonstrated commitment to his/her community. RMSER's Board of Directors consists of community leaders from throughout the state of Colorado including Head Start parents and private business representatives.

RMSER Board of Directors:

  • Larry Sims, Chair
  • Rosa Lee Vigil, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Eglantina Martinez, PhD, Secretary
  • Kathy Cordova, Board Member
  • Christopher Ryan, Board Member
  • David Young, Board Member
  • A.Billy Williams, Board Member

RMSER Executive Management:

  • Christopher Hall, Chief Executive Officer
  • Lance Vieira, Chief Operating Officer
  • Frances Franco, Director of Human Resources
  • Jan Miller, Director of Finance
  • Judy Calarco,  Assistant Director of Early Child Comprehensive Services 
  • Leticia Galindo, Assistant Director of Early Child Education & Operations 
  • Leon Ortega, Director of Workforce
  • Jermaine Stafford, Youth and Community/ Health and Wellness
RMSER Senior Management:
  • Juanita Gonzales, Education Coordinator
  • Terri Macha, Nutrition Manager
  • Fred Rendon, Facilities/Transportation Manager
  • Susan Tani, IT Services Manager
  • Eloise Wenzel, Risk Manager
  • John Thibodeau, Parent Involvement Manager
  • Frances Pope, Staff Relations and Benefits Manager
  • Stormy Killpack, Statewide Systems Administrator
  • Margaret Olath, Disabilities/Mental Health Manager
  • Ashley Wilson, Family Service Coordinator
  • Fran Pope, Employee Relations Manager
  • Michael McGleam, Talent and Recruitment Manager
  • Megan Berry, Health Service Manager