Head Start Advocacy Day

     On January 26, 2011, members of the Rocky Mountain SER (RMSER) management staff participated in Head Start Advocacy Day in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C.  They were successful in their efforts to raise awareness for RMSER and Head Start Programs in Colorado, and across the country.

     Senators Michael Bennet, Mark Udall, and other Colorado Congressional Representatives welcomed our management team.  We were able to convey to them, "...the importance of the Federal budget investments for Head Start that have allowed us to achieve, and continue to achieve, great successes in out communities" Judy Lopez, Director of Head Start, RMSER.  They will work to maintain funding and support RMSER in our community endeavors.

     "Head Start is a truly wise investment; for every $1 invested in Head Start, our nation receives $7 back in increased earnings, employment, and family stability and decreased welfare dependancy, crime costs, grade repitition, and special education" (J. Lopez).



Judy Lopez (RMSER Head Start Director) and Gerry Manzanares (RMSER Family Service Worker Manager) meet with Senator Mark Udall (Colorado).


Rosie Moreno - Eagle County Head Start (Left), Sherri Almond - Executive Director Eagle County Head Start (Right Center), Stormy Cunningham - IT Manager RMSER (Right), Paul Scheidig - Management/Budget Analyst Head Start (Back) meet Congressional Representative for Colorado, Jared Polis (Left Center).


Head Start Group with Senator Mark Udall.