Our Mission:

We're here to make a big difference by helping people believe in themselves and in each other. We do this by sharing stories and support that lift everyone up.

Our Vision:

We want to be known around the world for spreading kindness, hope, and practical help. We're all about bringing people together and giving them what they need to live better lives.


Annual Reports

Yearly Insights: A comprehensive overview of our organization's achievements, activities, and impact over the past year, highlighting milestones and sharing stories of progress and success.


Annual Budget

Financial Planning: An outline of our financial strategy for the upcoming year, detailing expected income, expenditures, and allocations across various projects and operations to guide our fiscal decisions.


Annual Financial Audit

Transparency and Accountability: Independent examinations of our financial statements and practices to ensure accuracy, integrity, and compliance with standards and regulations, reinforcing our commitment to responsible stewardship.


Annual Tax Returns

Regulatory Compliance: Documentation filed annually with tax authorities, summarizing our financial activities and tax obligations, reflecting our adherence to legal and fiscal responsibilities.

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Office: 3555 Pecos Street, Denver, CO 80211

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